The Hottest New Accessory in Town….Gucci Sneakers

Ok so we all know that I am designer obsessed, but in my defense, most of the world is. And while I love most designer labels, the one I am most obsessed with lately is Gucci. Gucci is simply killing it. From the Dionysus bag to the Princetown mule to the flowered headbands, I am simply gaga for Gucci! And I’m not the only one. The whole world is jumping on the Gucci bandwagon from A list actresses to rap artists to housewives to my husband! Yes, you heard that correctly. Even my sweet, fashion challenged Britton is getting in on the Gucci game.
One of the hottest items on the Gucci must have list is the Gucci sneaker. From sparkly kicks to plain white embellished sneaks, the Gucci sneaker is the latest essential accessory for everybody, men and women alike. And not only are they insanely fashionable, but they are really, really comfortable. And because they are Gucci, it’s totally acceptable to wear them everywhere, even on a night out on the town! How many sneakers can say that?
I bought my Gucci sneakers as a birthday gift to myself. I figured buying myself a pair of sparkly designer shoes would take the sting out of turning 44. And it totally did. I love these sneakers. I love that I can wear them anywhere and I love how cool they look. And when I look down at my beautiful glittery sneakers, I forget how old I am and I remember how fabulous I am instead!

Sneakers: Gucci | Sunnies: Gucci | Top: Ramy Brook | Shorts: BCBG(sold out)

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