Moto Boots

What can I say about moto boots except that they are literally the PERFECT shoe. Spring, summer, fall, or winter…the moto boot works for all seasons. Wear them to go shopping, wear them to dinner…they work for any occasion. Wear them with a romper, wear them with jeans, wear them with a floral dress…they work for any outfit. Can you say THE PERFECT SHOE?! And yes, you can even wear them in the Caribbean, especially after two hurricanes when the roads are still muddy and the rain seems to be never ending. But don’t get me wrong, I still wear them during the sunniest of days too. I never stop wearing my moto boots.
I had been searching for the perfect moto boot for over a year, maybe two. I even brought my poor husband in on the search. Every time we found ourselves in a shopping mall I would plead with him to help me find these boots. I searched websites once a week, just hoping I would find something that caught my fancy. I was starting to give up hope of ever finding them. Wouldn’t you after searching for so long?
Cut to Labor Day weekend and a trip to Miami. This was it. I was going to find my moto boots even if I had to search every store in every mall in Florida. I dragged my husband to Bal Harbor Mall, one of my favorite malls in Miami. They have everything there from Chanel to Intermix to Neiman Marcus. I just had to find my boots here because if I couldn’t here, of all places, then I probably wouldn’t find them anywhere.
I started searching. Neiman Marcus…no. Intermix…no. Saks Fifth Avenue…no. Balenciaga…no. Chanel…no (although I did find a gorgeous pair of combat boots with an equally gorgeous price tag of $2000). And on and on I went. Until the impossible happened. I was getting an espresso and some macarons while my husband walked around. Now this man is hardly a fashionista. In fact, he abhors shopping and tries to do everything to keep me from spending his hard earned money. So imagine my surprise when he came running up to me to tell me that he had found my boots and in Jimmy Choo, no less!
In we went and there they were….the most perfect moto boots in the history of moto boots. So I have Britton to thank for finding my boots and he reminds me of that every day, especially when I make fun of his fashion sense! But seriously, don’t you just love my new boots???

Moto Boots: Jimmy Choo | Top: Parker (shop similar) | Sunglasses: Gucci | Bag: Les Petits Joueurs (sold out)

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