The Dionysus Bag by GUCCI

Dionysus was known as the Greek god of wine and fertility. He was the god of fun basically. The god everyone wanted to party with. So who better for Gucci to name their new IT bag after?

The Dionysus bag was first introduced for the fall 2015 campaign. After hiring Alessandro Michele as their new head accessories designer, the fashion house saw a complete rebranding. A revitalization of sorts. Rather than ridding the house of its old and frankly, dead, styles, Michele put his own spin on things. He took the old iconic symbols of Gucci, and freshened them up a bit. And the results are nothing short of amazing. Gucci is back and in a big, big way!

I first saw the Dionysus bag in my Gucci boutique here on St. Thomas in early 2016. I adored the GG monogram but couldn’t get on board with the tigers headed buckle. I was still a Gucci bit girl. I’m not very good with change. That all went out the window however one afternoon in NYC. I was meeting my sister for brunch downtown. She was late, per usual, but all was forgiven because she walked in with the most beautiful Dionysus bag I had ever laid eyes on. My Hermes Kelly was put to shame in the wake of this bag. She explained that she had just purchased the bag on a recent trip to Italy. I was hooked. I promised myself my next splurge would be on this bag.

Cut to summer 2017….may fashionista mother happens to be in Venice on her summer trip and happens to find the same bag that I saw on my sister. And even better, she decides to buy it for me as a gift! Now I am a very lucky gal. My parents have bestowed on me some of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received, but I have to say, this bag is probably my favorite. It is just so chic. It can be worn day or night. It is practical as it holds most everything I need. But who cares about any of that? I love it because it sparkles and is just so darn pretty. I feel like an IT girl when I carry it. And I think we all deserve to feel that way from time to time. And if it takes a bag to do it, well then, why not?

Bag:Gucci | Top: Bar III | Shoes: Valentino (shop similar) | Scarf: Hermes | Sunnies: Gucci

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