The QuayxKylie Collection

One of my favorite sunglass brands, Quay (pronounced ‘key’), has partnered with yet another celebrity to create a capsule collection. This time it’s with Kylie Jenner. Now while I am not a huge fan of the Kardashian conglomerate, I do find them fascinating. This family has literally created an empire with absolutely no talent or credentials whatsoever. And they’ve gone from fashionably challenged to fashion forces! Their clothing lines, makeup lines, even shape wear lines are all multi million dollar companies. No wonder Quay wants to set themselves up with Kylie….everything these women touch turn to gold!

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t very interested in checking out the QuayxKylie collection at first. I don’t really appreciate Kylie’s style. Perhaps I’m an old fuddy duddy, but her outfits are just a bit too scandalous for me. And while I think she is a stunning young woman (I wish I had access to her plastic surgeon), I just think she should dress more like a 19 year old. But I get it because when I was her age, I wanted to be perceived as older too. And let’s face it, she’s killing it out there in the real world while I’m a 40 year old wannabe fashion blogger.

Anyway, I decided to check out the collection because I am so obsessed with Quay and Kylie does have a great sunglass collection of her own (I admit, I look at her Instagram page every now and then). And I’m so happy I did! The collection is great! Super cute, super trendy, and super fun. These are the sunnies you want when you want to stand out and be different. And they’re great for everyone. That’s the nice thing about this capsule. Even though it’s designed by a teenager, there are different styles for everyone. From aviators to shields (like I’m wearing) to cat eyes, there is literally something for everyone. And because the price point is so good, you can buy one of each without any guilt whatsoever.

Sunnies: Quay | Top: Express | Shorts: BCBG | Shoes: Ash

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